Strategic Planning

Stakeholder feedback workshops,

Business model sessions,

Co-development of Strategic Issues Paper,

Board's strategic dashboard,

Review of your current plan.

Market analysis

Five forces analysis (Porter),

Competitors and Strategic Complementors,

Potential market movements,

Build, Borrow, Buy analysis.

Leadership Coaching

Senior teams: Team and Individual reflective practice

(less management and more leadership)

Individuals: Reflective practice, 

finding your authenticity, Theory U*

Governance and Board Development

I understand governance from a legal 

and risk management perspective, 

as well as from a flexible and pragmatic point of view.

I was assess governance capacity and 

create a development plan.

Business Model

Business Model Analysis

In a one day workshop you can analyse:

What do you do, how do you do it, and who do you do it for;

And whether all of the parts of your business align in a way that creates synergies and advantage, or could use some realignment?

See also business model change...

Strategic Alliances

I wrote the strategic alliance resources for FACS/NDS in the "It's your business" guide to governance.

I can work on many levels here, but most often it's to lead CEOs and their boards through the process of two organisations coming together to form an alliance.

System Change

I use a number of different change models and adapt them as needed.For system change I like the principles of Theory U, bringing all of the parts together and co-creating the change.

it's a very awesome process!

Business Model Change

Starting with a business model analysis, we can move your business to a new business model.

A plan takes a few days to devise generally... obviously implementation can take much longer!

Internal Structure

Capacity Assessment Tool

I have developed a capacity assessment tool, 

for Australian social organisations. 

We can assess capacity and create a development 



Culture absolutely must start at the top.

There a number of ways to take the cultural temperature.

I find the most effective way of changing culture is to lead the senior team to be the change they want to see through a series of team coaching sessions.


Leadership like culture can exist at all levels of an organisaton, but the quality of leadership is set at the top.

There are a hundred leadership models, and I've used most of them.

Together we can co-create an adaptive leadership model that's right for your organisation.

Org Structure

Structure follows strategy.

How the structure of the business adds to value.

Let's bring our attention to deliberately using structure to create competative advantage.


David Puls Advanced strategic planning (pdf)


Board development conversation starters article (pdf)


David Puls Discussion starters for boards (pdf)