How I work with you

Co-create the project

It's not often that businesses engage a consultant knowing exactly what it is that they want. 

My point of difference is that I will spend up to half a day sitting with you while we create the project together, completely free of charge.  And if for any reason we don't want to continue together, then everyone walks away, no harm done.

Why? Because it works better for me too.  More dialogue, less confusion, we all win.

We'll work out the outcomes together, who's responsible for what, where I can build your capacity to save money, and how to structure the project to best meet your budget.

A classic tender process is not a conversation, and we all know that things work better with a conversation.

A classic tender doesn't leave much scope for delivering in innovative ways either.

(*pic: taken on a mate's semi rural property just after I'd fed the chickens.  It looks like bits of wood to co-create something...)

Those words

Listening, Authenticity, Reflection

They're not just words.

i believe in creating things together (co-creation).

In order to do that I have to put aside "me" and really listen to "you".  Otherwise it's not co-creation, just negotiation.

Reflecting: reflecting is how we learn. Individually and together. 

And to do both I have to stop.  Really stop, and get to a place of quiet. And authenticity.  

(pic: this was taken in the Torres Straight when I was listening to men's business.  It was an honour).


I don't want to overplay this one. I'm sure we're all a bit over the cult of mindfulness. It's become just a buzzword.

For me, I best achieve that quiet place of listening, reflecting, and authenticity by meditating.

So when I bring myself to your project, you know that I bring my whole self, and give you all my attention.

(*pic: appropriately this pic was taken at the nan Tien Institute in Woolongong)

Contract and Value


I have a standard contract.

My contract includes the following standards that you can expect from me:

How I work

I’ll use my skill and knowledge to the best of my ability.

 I’ll turn up on time.

I’ll deliver the Project within the agreed time.

I’ll look and act professionally.

I’ll be courteous and respectful to everyone associated with you and the project.

I’ll be clear. I’ll be concise. I’ll use plain English in everything I write.

I’ll listen.

I’ll call you weekly during the life of the Project for an update meeting. Any concerns either of us have can be raised at the meeting.

My advice will always be honest.

(*pic: I took this flying into Sydney. I'm sure it has many links to contracts).

My Value


- Reasonably priced: Having worked in the NFP sector we know how often the sector operates on a shoe string, and we offer services at a discount rate to NFPs and social enterprise with an annual turnover of less than $10 million. Likewise with small business and start ups.  But even our normal rates are cheaper that the bigger firms because we keep our costs low by working in flexible ways.

- Unique skills: Having worked in both the corporate world and with not for profits, we have a unique skill set and view of the world that embraces the passion and love in pursuing social justice, and channels it with solid, evidence based management theory and practice.

- Guaranteed: I give my personal guarantee that if, at any time, for any reason whatsoever, you think something isn't working - I'll sit down with you and fix it.

(*pic: me thinking about something. That's all I know).