How I work with you

Alternative Methodologies

 We are experienced at designing alternate methodologies that give you the desired result without the bells and whistles you don’t need. 

Low Overheads and Sliding Scale of Rates

We believe in the sector and keep our overheads down to keep our price accessible. Good advice should be available for every size and type of organisation working for social good, not just those with high turnover (we work with them too but have a sliding scale of rates based on your turnover).

Embedding Ourselves in the Business

 Embedding ourselves in the business: we love working with you, so we love long term projects where we can embed ourselves in the business. We readily discuss different prices and budgets for ongoing work.

Pro-bono and Low-bono

We have a giving policy and spend at least 5% of our time delivering work pro-bono, and another 5% discounted. Ask us.

Resume, Musings, and other Downloads

1. Comment: watering down section 18C is bad for the national mental health agenda

2. My current generic curriculum vitae, March 2017