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New Resources for Board Development

I've just written an article and put up some conversation starters for board development.  Also a new page on my website: Governance.

Check out the article here

Check out the comprehensive conversation starters here (Nov 17)

Advanced strategic planning for the NDIS

One of my most popular blogs of all time.  You can check it out here. (Nov 17)

My coaching page

I have developed a coaching model and there's a quick video of me explaining it.  It's all on my new page, here. (October 17)

About Me; About the Business

The Business

In two words: Social Consulting.

I work with any type of business, as long as the goal of the engagement is social justice.

I have a pro bono and a fee for service side to the business.  Scroll down to see what each is doing.

The services I offer encompass the whole of an organisation from a system perspective: click here.  So even in small & focused projects we have our eye on the effects on the system.

The way I offer my service is to work with you (co-create the project), from a place of listening, authenticity, and reflection.  They're not just pretty words: click here

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Me, in a nutshell

My career commenced as a commercial lawyer before I moved into the not for profit sector some 25+ years ago.

I worked as a lawyer both with clients (Aboriginal Legal Service; HIV/AIDS Legal Centre) and as in house counsel (Royal Australasian College of Physicians).  

During employment at the latter I began an MBA, and went into management consulting, working with three different management consulting firms before beginning this firm, which better represents me as a consultant and person.

All of my clients across all those firms have been not for profit, government, and social enterprise.  It is what I’m passionate about. 

I now work more broadly with any type of business, as long as the goal of the engagement is social justice.

Of course there's much more to me than that, and you can check out my whole CV here.

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The two parts of the business

Consulting Services: How I help you achieve social justice

I'm not limited in who, or the organisation type, that I work with. But I'll only take on a project where the outcome contributes to social justice.

Current projects:

Consortium facilitation (co-creating a strategic consortium)

Assisting a group of approximately 12 Aboriginal experts/consultants to come together to form a consortium, under the auspices of Murrawin. The aim of the consortium is to Close the Gap, through business, through Reconciliation Action Plans.

Strategic and business model facilitation (strategy, business model analysis, facilitation)

I'm working with the Centre for Health Leadership to facilitate the next stage of their strategy and the implications for their business model

Marketing for NFPs: Legal information (NDIS, Legal information, presentation)

I am working with Agility Communication to release a podcast of legal information directed to those that do marketing for not for profits (with some emphasis on disability and the NDIS).

Watch out here for the podcast, or get in contact if you would like a copy.

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Pro Bono Projects: what I'm doing to achieve social justice

The purpose of founding my own firm was to allow me to pursue social justice with freedom; and to do things that I love with people that I love.

I spend approx 25% of my time on community projects at no charge.

Current projects:

Pilot program: mental health and entrepreneurs. (Program design, co-design, evaluation, facilitation).

This began as a public health program devised for a university public health assessment.

So far we have tested and evaluated one version of the program, and version two is on the way.

Huge thanks to Catalysr for working with me on this one.

Organisational restructure (Community engagement, governance and restructure)

Working with Burning Seed to engage the community, and create with them, the next phase of the organisation's governance - the transition to a not for profit.

Burning Seed is a community based on shared responsibility, civic duty, inclusion and gifting. And more Check out their website for the rest.

Get in touch

Feel free to contact me if you have a project that you love that can help bring about social justice. Maybe we can work together. 

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Kind words

Nick Corrigan

Not-for-profit Leader | Senior Consultant | Organisational Development Specialist | StrategistMarch 8, 2017, David worked with Nick in the same group

I loved working with David and learned a huge amount in the time we spent together. He has a really strategic approach to consulting, a brilliantly engaging manner with stakeholders and was always committed to meeting deadlines.
I would work with him again in a shot, either using him as a consultant or being part of a team together.

Sally Lambourne

Manager Policy, Research and Consultancy at Alzheimer's Australia NSWMarch 19, 2017, Sally reported directly to David

David and I have worked together in Management Consulting since 2010. Over that time he has been my co-worker, manager and is now again my peer. As a colleague, David was extremely generous with his time and expert knowledge, particularly in the areas of organisational change, governance, policy and strategy. His genuine commitment to social justice was always inspiring and this did not change when he took on the leadership role of the consulting unit. As the manager he brought the team together specifically by drawing on individual strengths and supporting personal growth. David's management style is very motivating, he was always innovative, passionate and positive about our work across the not for profit and government sectors. I would really value the opportunity to work on future consulting projects with David.

Mark Bebbington

Senior Program Officer at Department of Family and Community Services (NSW)March 9, 2017, Mark was a client of David’s

I've used David as a coach through two periods of change. He's thoughtful and practical in his approach, and challenged my thinking, often through reframing the issues. Two things that I found really stood out about David - his ability to never lose sight of me in the overall issues - my wellness and strategies to look after myself. And his ability to bring the session back to the practical learning and changes that I could experiment with in the situation. I have no hesitation in using David again

Keith Johnstone

Director of International Relations & Development at University of SouthamptonOctober 6, 2011, David worked with Keith in the same group

David did an incredible job balancing a number of extremely important roles at the College during a period of dramatic and important change. Despite significant pressure David always remained cheerful, professional and details orientated. He was an excellent colleague who worked well in high performing team, and as a leader and was essential to our success. Since his departure his primary role has been divided into no less the five senior roles - which is a testament to his abilities.

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About Us


  • Extensive senior organisational management experience including the development and implementation of appropriate policies and structures, governance, strategy and company secretary role.
  • Extensive experience working with individuals and groups in varied roles as needed: Facilitation, negotiation, coaching and teaching.  Able to create environments that are safe, and all voices are heard and all views expressed while ensuring objectives are achieved.  More recently working with design theory and co-creating to achieve joint goals.
  • A planned and organised approach to project/program management that builds in a level of flexibility to adapt to the inevitable changes that occur when working on complex projects.
  • Comprehensive and practical experience in strategic planning to ensure a clear vision, and designing business models that align all of an organisations activates to common goals and client value.
  • High level budgeting and financial management experience including meeting all financial compliance and reporting requirements. Demonstrated capacity to develop detailed and accurate budgets, and consistently deliver projects within budget.
  • Solid capacity to develop and manage professional relationships. Able to communicate with diplomacy, tact and integrity, including cross-cultural awareness and sensitivity.
  • Strong ability to coach and develop highly motivated and performance-focused teams.

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  • Being a part of an incredibly high functioning senior management team at the Royal Australasian College of Physicians, achieving significant governance and cultural reform across the organisation
  • Coaching a senior management team through complex organisational change, focusing on self-management and relationships
  • Leading a consulting team through stabilisation to team and personal growth, after the previous manager moved on
  • Having the extraordinary privilege of working with the Njaml People of Western Australia on country and hearing the men's' stories as part of Native Title.
  • Being awarded the Equal Opportunity Commission Human Rights Award for Law as Principal Solicitor of the HIV/AIDS Legal Centre, for producing a resource for solicitors working in prison.

(*pic: The bell at the Nan Tien temple:used to ring out blessings.)

Resume, Musings, and other Downloads

1. Comment: watering down section 18C is bad for the national mental health agenda

2. My current generic curriculum vitae, March 2017


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